Weight gain progress

Three months ago, I took a break from purposeful gaining and actually ended up losing 7 pounds during that time without trying. Probably because for me to maintain a higher weight, I have to eat about 3,000+ calories every day, and that is hard for me to do unless I am super motivated.

I started resuming my high calorie diet about six days ago, and was pleasantly surprised this morning when I discovered that I gained 4 lbs. I am wondering if this is because when you initially gain weight, you create new fat cells so it’s easier to gain after that. Regardless, I am extremely happy with my recent gains! When I first started trying to gain weight, it took me a whole month before I saw any results (which was very frustrating because I was eating 3-4,000 calories a day and was completely inactive).

This is me at 146.6 lbs., four pounds away from my highest weight:




My before and after measurements from December 27th to March 17th

Thighs: 19 ——–> 22
Waist 30 ——–>35
Hips 36——–>39
Breasts 34——–>38.5

My measurements from December 27th to July 3, 2014:

Thighs: 19 ——–> 23
Waist 30 ——–>34
Hips 36——–>39
Breasts 34——–>38

I actually gained an inch in my thighs despite losing weight, which is awesome! I lost an inch from my waist and a half an inch from my breasts – but that’s not so bad. I honestly thought my measurements would be radically different due to the lost weight, and assumed that I would have to work really hard to regain the weight I lost but that is not the case at all. Feeling VERY encouraged!


Fat girls who love food are so attractive!

Supersize vs. Superskinny is my all time favorite tv show because it features fat women talking about the amount of food they eat. The woman in this particular episode is drop dead gorgeous, and her body is to die for! I find it so inspiring to hear her talk about how much food she eats. To me, there is nothing more attractive and inspiring! It makes me wish I had girlfriends like her, who are passionate about food. I long to be able to go out to eat and binge at home with like-minded friends. I want to surround myself with people who are into indulging and gaining. Sadly, everyone in my family and most people i meet are extremely health conscious and physically active types.

Weight Gain Shake

This weight gain shake has 1659 calories in it! I am definitely going to try this recipe as soon as I find a job and can afford the ingredients.


Svunt Shake

1 cup whole milk
1 cup half and half
1 cup oats
1 tsp honey
1/4 cup natural peanut butter
64 grams Whey Protein
2 bananas
  1. Put the dry oats in the blender and whizz while you gather the other ingredients
  2. Put everything else in with the powdered oats and blend.


Recipe came from HERE.

Outgrown clothes video

 Just posted a new video (another request) of me trying on some old clothes. The blouse is way to tight, but the jeans still fit…..at least for now:) I really wish that I owned more short tops and tight skirts and pants, because I know that I’m going to want to show off my new fat, once I gain a lot of weight. It already feels amazing to walk around with my pudgy belly hanging out:)


Sedentary and out of shape

 Though I used to be a professional ballerina, I never exercise anymore and am one of the most sedentary people on this planet. I had a special request for a ballet video, but it went terribly wrong. I forgot to warm up before I started doing the exercises, and gave myself three charlie horses (painful muscle spasms) in my legs while I was making the video.


Too Big For My Bikini

I tried on some bikinis today, and learned that I no longer fit in size Medium. I tried on the Large, but the bottoms were way too small for my growing butt. I also bought some panties in a size larger than I normally wear, but they too are too small! I usually wear size 5 panties, and now the size 6 doesn’t even fit me. Pretty soon I will fit into plus sizes, that thrills me!

I took a video of myself in the dressing room, when I was trying on the bikinis. I wish I could have showed you how much my butt was sticking out of the bikini bottoms, it was so funny!


Stuffing My Belly To Get Fat

Many people probably think of a feedee/gainer as someone who enjoys eating so much, that she overindulges at every meal, greedily gobbling up every last morsel, and is still hungry for more at the end of her binge. While I definitely enjoy food to this degree, it is more often the case that I actually have to force myself to finish my meals. It is not easy sometimes, but I always finish, even if I feel like I am about to puke.

While I have always had a hearty appetite and can eat about two or three times the amount most “average” people eat, right now I have to force myself to eat more than I feel I am capable of eating in order to consume 4,000 calories per day. If I’m eating something I love, like Pizza, Mexican, Italian, Indian, or ice cream, I don’t struggle as much – but 4k of high fiber vegetarian food can be a lot harder because it’s not as calorie dense, and it has so much fiber that it fills you up a lot faster. I can only afford to buy the bare necessities right now also, so the foods I am currently eating are not very tantalizing.

I’m sure it will get easier the longer I continually stuff myself to the point of extreme fullness. I’m eager to see how much food I’m able to consume once I condition my body to eat such large quantities of food. Right now, I’m still trying to train my stomach to accept such large portions at one time.

I thought I would make a video documenting what a typical meal is like for me. It usually involves a lot of labored breathing and moaning. My belly becomes very full and tight, and pushes up against my lungs (at least it feels that way!), making it hard to breathe. It stays that way for hours, until the next stuffing. So I am perpetually stuffed to the max. I am also eating a ton of fat right now, to gain weight, which is very satiating.

I’m trying to look at it as training for any potential force feeding that may occur with my feeder, when we eventually meet in person. By then, I will be so used to forcing myself to eat past my normal capacity, that my stomach will be nice and stretched out, which will make it easier for him to pour 10-15k calories into me via a funnel:)

Weigh in and Measurements

I was 141.8 on March 3rd, so I’ve gained almost 8 lbs. in two weeks. My feeder has advised me not to weigh myself more than once a week because my weight fluctuates so wildly. Like, I can be 148 one day, then 145 the next, etc. That’s why I actually prefer body measurements to weighing myself, because it’s obvious to me that my body is definitely expanding, based on what I see when I look in the mirror, and what the measurements reveal.

My before and after measurements from December 27th to March 17th

Thighs: 19 ——–> 22
Waist 30 ——–>35
Hips 36——–>39
Breasts 34——–>38.5

How to tell your partner you’re into feederism

I get a lot of emails from men who are looking for a girl to feed and fatten them. There are also a lot of men who are currently in a relationship with a girl who doesn’t know about their interest in feederism. Some of these guys may want to fatten their girlfriend, while others are more into gaining themselves. Many would ideally like to have their girlfriend become their feeder, or to be open to a mutual gaining arrangement.

I don’t consider myself an expert on this subject, being so new to feederism myself, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on this subject in the event that someone finds it of benefit. I think the best people to ask are couples that are already in a feeder/feedee dynamic, that have first hand experience with this. Since I’m not one of those people, please take everything I am about to say with a grain of salt.

If you are already in a relationship and want your girlfriend to start gaining, you could just start off by encouraging her eating, telling her you think it is so sexy when she eats a lot, etc. You could tell her how incredibly sexy you find her body, and how aroused it makes you to feel her soft curves, etc. For instance, if her belly gets really big after eating a large meal, you can say, “Wow, your belly looks so beautiful when it’s full and round like that!”

I would also suggest buying her favorite snacks, cooking her favorite meals for her, and taking her out to eat at her favorite restaurants often. Make sure there is always an abundance of food around her, to encourage her to eat more. But don’t ever pressure her to eat more. Gentle encouragement is fine, but don’t get demanding or creepy about it.
I also highly advise against telling her you think fat girls are hot, or compare her to other larger women, because  that’s going to make her feel unlovable and unattractive to you and it will make her think that you are constantly looking at other girls that are fatter than her.
Keep in mind that most women have been totally, often irrevocably conditioned to see fat as a bad thing, unhealthy and even repulsive – so the majority of women will probably not have any interest in gaining. But some girls, upon discovering that there are men who find fat women attractive, become so intrigued and turned on by it that they either start to see through the media’s lies or rebel against their social conditioning and allow themselves to get fat, realizing that by doing so, they are actually going to feel progressively more desirable and sexy, the fatter they become. For true feedees, fat is a very sensual experience, and once they start gaining, they feel much more sexual and attractive, which encourages them to eat and gain more weight.
I would imagine that most true feedees have always had a passion for food, and enjoy overeating. I can’t imagine that a girl who doesn’t have a hearty appetite will be very enthused about regularly consuming the amount of food it takes to gain large amounts of weight. I also think that many girls probably restricted and controlled their diet their entire lives to gain social acceptance, but once they start to perceive fat as something that is sexy and beautiful, gaining weight will become a very enjoyable process.

Perhaps you could even discuss with your partner how unfortunate it is that the media tries to convince us to perceive fat as something that is undesirable, and maybe casually mention the fact that fat is considered beautiful in some cultures, as it was even in our own culture not too long ago. You could show her a video about how they force feed girls in Mauritania to make them fat. That might be a good conversation starter.

If a woman can recognize that the concept of fat being repugnant is purposely implanted into our heads by greedy corporations trying to make money off of this idea, she may be more open to shift her perspective on what is considered beautiful.

With regards to encouraging your girlfriend to feed and fatten you, you could be honest about that, starting off slowly – maybe tell her you like the way your belly feels when it’s really full, how much you enjoying overeating to the point of extreme fullness, and how you get turned on by thinking about how much food you are going to eat. Who knows, maybe that will sensitize her to her own enjoyment of being full and lead to her discovering that she is a feedee too:)

Hope this helps! Best of luck to you!